Announcing The 2022 Innovire Summit!!

Innovire's last in-person was the 2019 Innovire Summit hosted at the University of Toronto - Mississauga Campus (UTM) with 350+ attendees, and this year Innovire is thrilled to announce that we are finally back in-person at UTM (Instructional Centre, 1599 Outer Cir Rd, Mississauga, ON L5L 1J7) to host the 2022 Innovire Summit on SATURDAY, AUGUST 27TH, 2022 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM ET.

Watch the teaser video:

Learn more and register here!!

Innovire Celebrates 4 Years!!

This past week Innovire celebrated its 4th anniversary - and what an incredible journey it’s been!! It all started off in 2018, hosting our first Innovire Summit in a small school gym, and now it’s grown to be so much more. We are so incredibly grateful to you all for being a part of our community and helping to make Innovire what it is today.

As Innovire has grown over the years - with various initiatives, campaigns and programs - we have been able to connect with, impact and inspire 700+ youth. We are proud of all the work we have done so far and cognisant of all the challenges that we have overcome in the last few years. The last year has been full of highs and lows - experiencing mixtures of success, doubt and failures as we further navigated the virtual world. However, our team has remained motivated to continue to bring forward unique, creative and innovative initiatives that inspire youth to innovate. As we start to incorporate in-person events back into our programs we look forward to implementing new ways to build, interact and connect with our community to not only provide them with the best opportunities for success, but to build meaningful connections.

As we celebrate 4 years, we are also incredibly appreciative of everyone who has guided and supported us through this journey - specifically our mentors, sponsors, partners and guest presenters. Thank you to our mentors: Mrs. Darroch, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Jansma, Mrs. Perez and the rest of the SciTech staff at Tomken Road Middle School, Kim Cooper, Kamran Shaikh, Nadeem Nathoo, Professor Soo Min Toh and Carol Solonenko. Thank you to our sponsors and partners including Youth Culture, Volunteering Peel, IMI at UTM, Life Sciences Ontario. Thank you to our guest presenters: Sarah Abdul-Wajid, Kim Cooper, Nadeem Nathoo, Alan Smithson, Dr. Cynthia Goh, Jaime Casap, Kyla Bolden, Erik Lloyd, Megan Gran, Adalyn Ordono, Arthur Chen, Professor Ulrich Krull, Professor Gideon Humphrey, Dr. David Jansma, Karen Ho James, Zaynah Bhanji, Areez Bhanji, Ayaan Esmail, Zain Lakhani, Zara Syed, Arnav Shah, Gira Chawda, Varsha Prasad, Anuraj Shah, Jaimil Dalwadi and Sri Anumakonda. Innovire would not have been where it is today without your support, time, dedication and willingness to share your wisdom, experience and knowledge.

We’d also like to thank the hundreds of individuals within our community who have supported us by participating in our initiatives and campaigns. We love engaging with our community and are amazed by how much it has grown and developed over the years. Our community is made up of youth with a wide range of talent, passions and aspirations and we hope to continue to inspire youth to innovate solutions to problems faced by our world.

As Innovire rounds off its 4th year and moves towards its 5th, we reflect on all that we have accomplished already with pride and gratitude and look ahead with determination - inspired to continue working towards fulfilling our vision.

Our Take On Inequality

We stand against racism and inequality, and as an organization meant to inspire students to innovate, we do NOT condone any form of racial bias or discrimination. We encourage you all to educate yourselves and acknowledge the privilege you might have. It is essential to create a more inclusive and accepting community for everyone.

The injustices happening globally have brought many disturbing issues to light, they are disgraceful and it is our (and your) responsibility to change that. We support you and all those who have been impacted by these injustices.

We at the Innovire Team would like to inform our audiences of ways that you can inform yourself and help support these causes. For a list of petitions and various sources regarding these movements, we have created an organized list, and we highly suggest you check all of these links out: