Where Innovation Meets Inspiration.

We're a group of ambitious and passionate youth aiming to make an impact on this world through STEM.

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What we do.

We've realized that the real changemakers are the ones who understand the world around them and use it to create innovative technologies. We aim to inspire future generations to pursue STEM and build world-changing tools.

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We host the yearly Innovire Summit showing students the awesome world of STEM.

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We host short and fun activities to light the candle of curiosity in students.

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We help youth gain the knowledge to build what they want.

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We've donated hundreds of dollars to organisations that are improving people's lives.

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University of Toronto MississaugaMindshareTKSMAXDesi MandiTech MahindraLife Science OntarioVolunteering PeelYouth CultureTomken Middle School
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Join Us!

We're hosting monthly events to help youth explore the various fields of STEM and change the world. Click the button below to check out what we have in store for you.