Why Innovire?

Innovire is hyper-focused on bringing youth with new opportunities that will help them in all aspects in life.

Volunteer Hours

With events every month and five subteams, you could get all your volunteer hours in many ways.

Help Communities

We have created impact on over 500 students in the world over three years. With Innovire, you can help people from all backgrounds.


The ideas and planning come from you! Being a student-run organisation, you can have more say in what gets done.

Make New Friends

Innovire is the perfect place to make new friends who have similar interests with a common goal of helping students.

Learn New Skills

Innovire is filled with opportunities to learn new skills in the STEM field and pass on the knowledge to students.

Learn New Skills

Innovire is a safe space for people of all skill levels and ages to learn, grow and have fun.

Open Roles

Click on each tab to see the application. Note that some roles may not have spots open.