Sponsor Us.

Sponsoring us is the best way of supporting us in our endeavours into helping communities through STEM.


Why Should You Sponsor Us?

Innovire’s ambitions are always growing, looking for ways to reach a greater number of youth and make a bigger impact all the time. We have met, worked with, learned from and have been supported by various people and organizations throughout our journey. To achieve our ambitions we are always looking for support whether that be in the form of resources, money, knowledge, experiences, etc. There are various reasons why you should choose to support us and join us on our journey.

In Innovire’s journey to share and promote the excitement for STEM with youth of all demographics we have required resources and finances to successfully see through our projects and initiatives. With these resources and finances we try to provide the best quality of support and guidance that youth will need to succeed. Supporting our journey will greatly increase the impact we can make on the youth in our community and our ability to make sure ALL youth are given the tools, opportunities and resources they need to carve their paths to success.

There are various ways you can support our organization and its projects and initiatives. Financial sponsorships would greatly help us in achieving our goals and significantly increase the size and quality of the impact we can make. Non-monetary sponsorships are also very helpful to us, such as providing us with technologies to showcase to youth, supplying certain tools and materials for STEM activities, providing marketing support, giving mentorship/guidance and more.