2023 Summit


We had over 220 attendees from all over the GTA, 3 keynote speakers, 5 youth panellists and an organizing team of 30+ youth. With the incredible workshops, booth displays, keynotes and panel discussions that we had, we were able to dive into Augmented & Virtual Reality, Cellular Biology & Genetics, Space Exploration & Space Mining, AI & Deep Learning, Robotics, Entrepreneurship, Finding Your Way As Youth and more!

A massive shoutout goes to our guest presenters and sponsors including Alan Smithson, Dr. Roopali Chaudhary, Daniel Sax, Arushi Nath, Elijah Steiner, Harini Saravan, Kaila Gregga, Safiya Fakih, Megan Gran, Aditya Dewan, Team 6070 Gryphon Machine, Team 4308 Absolute Robotics, Lotus STEMM, University of Waterloo, IMI @ UTM, LSO, Tech Mahindra, Desi Mandi and more!

Special thanks to all of our mentors - including Mrs. Darroch, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Jansma, Mrs. Perez, Aazar Zafar, Kamran Shaikh, Prof. Soo Min Toh, Claire Westgate, the UTM staff and so many more!