About Us.

Innovire is a registered non-profit organization consisting of a group of ambitious youth between the ages 13-18, who strive to create an impact in this world by creating and sharing opportunities for ALL youth in an attempt to inspire them to innovate and become leaders in the world of STEM. Innovire was founded in 2018 by a few students attending the SciTech Program at Tomken Road Middle School. Since then the organization and the amazing team that runs it has grown, with members from various high schools around Peel. We are all incredibly passionate about STEM, business, leadership and opportunities to support our community.

Our mission is to empower youth.

Our team recognized that often high rewarding opportunities were only accessed by people with increased privileges and better resources and through Innovire, we want all youth to benefit no matter their background or life circumstances. Through Innovire we want to provide the access to knowledge, resources and opportunities to all youth to help them become future world leaders that create change in the world by innovating solutions to world problems. We aim to inspire youth to innovate using technology and in turn inspire others.

Meet the Committee

We have over 20 driven members in the team. Here are the ones who bring it all together.

Abdullah Sabole

Co-Founder and Co-President

Khushi Patel

Co-Founder and Co-President

Elle Kerr

Administrative Executive

Ali Lakhani

Co-Logistics Executive

Siddhanth Nittala

Co-Logistics Executive

Mirabel Zou

Marketing Executive

Rishi Jarajapu

Finance Executive

Andrew Wang

General Executive

Brian Li

General Executive

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